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Here at Boutique Bastone we love everything Fashion related from Fashion Art to Fashion Books and of course clothing, handbags, and shoes! Check our blog for the latest in all things Fashion!

SUMMER TIME is Officially Here!

Like we always say, “Swimsuits, Sandals, and Sundresses......oh the style of summer!” Check out our SUMMER SALE SECTION. Here, you will find the latest summer fashions at 50% off with dresses starting at $9.95! So why wait, Summer is officially here and it’s time to start shopping!

WINTER TIME- New Season, New Arrivals!

Welcome 2016!

It's a new year now. Dare to explore and try new things with your wardrobe. Step outside of your comfort zone. Why not trade your jeans in for a skirt or a dress once a week? Sweater dresses are very comfortable yet feminine. Trade your flats in for a comfortable wedge heel boot. A long knit maxi skirt and a cute sweater can easily transition from day to evening. As we enter the heart of the winter season a few things to keep in mind are keeping warm, being comfortable, and of course staying stylish! So be open-minded about your style options and don't be afraid to try something new.

Fashion for the Fall....Are you Ready?

Who doesn't love this season? With Fashion Week among us, it's time to do some serious shopping. Time to get that new wardrobe in order. Every girl always needs to start with the basics of course. A cute cozy sweater- we're thinking cable knit. Skinny jeans- try a black color or grey shade this season, burgundy is pretty hot this season also. If you want to take it a step further, go for a pair of destroyed denim jeans (of course not office appropriate but definitely on trend this season). These jeans are definitely of the moment. You should have at least one pair in your closet, they are great for laid back weekend style. Don't forget a sexy pair of ankle boots with a killer heel (stiletto or wedge, whatever is your preference). Score extra style points with ankle booties with a buckle or two. To top it off, a cool short leather jacket or denim jacket pairs perfectly for a basic look and is a style staple in any Fall wardrobe.



The Summer is finally here! Swimsuits, Sandals, and Sundresses......oh the style of summer! Check out our new Summer collections and get your Summer started right!



We love the Spring season here at Boutique Bastone. With the new season upon us, you know what that means…. it’s time to get your dresses ready! Don’t wait to create that dream dress wardrobe. Maxi, mini, bodycon- whatever your style, we can help here at Boutique Bastone! We offer a great selection with new dresses always arriving daily.

This Spring look for lots of floral prints and romantic silhouettes. Ankle length chiffon dresses are so on trend right now.  Mod prints reminiscent of the seventies are making a comeback also this Spring.

Fashion Tip- For a more understated look, try pairing denim shorts with a button up shirt and strappy sandals for the summer. This is a cool, casual, chic look (the three c’s).  It’s great for the weekend or when you just want a pulled together relaxed look.

Holiday Fashion

It’s holiday party season and it’s time to bring you’re A game! Stepping out in style is always the goal. The key is to not go overboard. Add a touch of sequin or sparkle to your ensemble in a thoughtful way. One great statement piece of jewelry will go a long way and make the simplest of outfits look great. Chandelier earrings are beautiful when you have your hair pulled back in a bun or with a ponytail. Sequin heels look best with solid color outfits. Keep these tips in mind as you dress for your holiday parties this season!


                                                                        Boutique Bastone Fashion Art Sketch Book



Stay tuned for more Fashion Art Postings from the Boutique Bastone Sketch Book....





                                                                       Recommended Books to Read NOW


“Nasty Galaxy” by Sophia Amoruso will be releasing soon! This book officially drops in October. This is her second book following the success of her first book #GirlBoss. In this book, you will get a sneak peek into the personal life of Ms. Amoruso. It’s filled with lots of colorful photos and illustrations, quotes, and pretty much everything that embodies the spirit of the NastyGal brand. Check it out and pre-order yours today! Available at and




“My Journey” by Donna Karan is so refreshing! In this book, renowned fashion designer, Donna Karan explores her life’s journey and reflects on how she ended up where she is today. She chronicles her life from her start as an intern at Anne Klein to creating her own company. She also speaks on her personal life. She explains her spirituality and how she believes that everything happens in life for a reason. Death and birth have played a significant part in her journey. Whenever there has been a death and something ends, there’s always a birth or a new beginning that follows. This book is a must read! It’s enlightening and refreshing on so many levels! Get to know Donna Karan and the woman her journey has led her to become. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself soul searching or questioning if you are living life to your fullest potential after reading this good book! You will walk away with a desire to follow your passions and never doubt yourself because all things are possible with hard work and a little faith in yourself according to Ms. Donna Karan herself!




"True Love" by Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to release on November 4, 2014. This is her first book ever. She speaks about her life and her journey to find true love. She talks about the mistakes she has made but how she has no regrets because everything she has been through has made her into the woman that she is today. You will see beautiful exclusive photographs that have never before been released. If you are a fan of Jennifer Lopez then you need to buy this book. If you are not a fan of hers, this would still be a good read for you because it shows that life is always changing and you can't look back. The lesson behind this book is that everything that you go through is for a reason and you have to be strong and get through it to see what is waiting for you down the road. Add this book to your collection!                                                                




"The Woman I Wanted To Be" by Diane Von Furstenberg  was released on October 28, 2014. This book should be on your must read list.  Mrs. Furstenberg  speaks about the life she always knew she wanted for  herself and the journey she had to take to get there. This book will be inspiring for any young woman who has a goal for herself or even if she doesn't know what she wants to be, has an idea of the type of life that she wants. Mrs. Furstenberg has a ton of experience in the fashion industry and is very well respected. She also has a new show on E! that is highly anticipated. The show airs on Sundays at 10pm (EST). She's a great role model and her new book is well worth the read!                                       




"The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It Into a Global Brand" by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor with Booth Moore is a must read. It's very entertaining and the girls of Juicy Couture are brutually honest. There is no shame in their game! They tell it all! They discuss the up and down roller coaster ride they experienced while building their brand. This book provides lots of laughs and some good business advice for anyone considering building their own fashion brand. It makes them seem like true amateurs but women who had enough sense to follow their hearts and work hard towards something they really believed in. They followed their gut instincts by creating clothing that they loved and adored and the rest of the world followed. This is a book you will not be able to put down.




“#GirlBoss” by Sophia Amoruso is an excellent book for the outsider who doesn’t believe in doing things the conventional way. It shows that there is still hope to do something with your life even when everyone else counts you out. Believing in yourself is key. Every move will not be a success but the important thing is that you can pick yourself up and keep going. You have to be open to try different things and eventually you will find out what you are good at and what you really enjoy. Sophia’s story is inspiring. This book is uplifting and you will enjoy reading it!


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