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It's HOLIDAY PARTY Season!!! Sparkle, Sparkle, Glitter, and More Sparkle! That's what it's all about!

Don't be afraid to shine this holiday season! Add something sparkly to your wardrobe. Try a sexy glitter mini dress for a wow party effect or a pair of sparkly wedges from our shoe collection.




Fashion for the Fall....Are you Ready?

The Fall Season is approaching fast! Time to store away those Summer clothes and get your Fall wardrobe ready! Hot trends this season will be Cold Shoulder Dresses (as seen below).


                                (Boutique Bastone Fall Collection 2016)


Also the color red (as seen below) is gaining lots of momentum this season. Some may consider the color too bold or too hard to pull off, but don't be afraid! Various shades have been seen on the runways and in stores alike.


                    (Textured Side-Slit Sweater Dress- Fall Collection 2016)


Another color trend to look out for is pink. Shades of pink will be hot when it comes to anything from dresses (as seen below) to makeup colors.


          (Cardigan and Fishtail Sleeveless Dress Twinset- Fall Collection 2016)

Check back for more of the season's newest trends!!!






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